The Secretariat Library has   -  128060 Books as on  31-APRIL-2012
-         19 LOCAL NEWS PAPERS
                                                         -          84  MAGAZINES
-         130 CD/DVD-ROMS 

The Secretariat Library has a good collection of books on almost all the areas of knowledge. It concentrates on collecting more books pertaining to the Social Sciences which include Political Science, Economics, Women’s Studies, Environment,  Pollution, Transport, Commerce, Public Administration, Law etc.

The Library has a good collection of Biographies, books on History, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and multivolumed books like for eg The Encyclopedia Britannica, The McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology both concise and multivolume, Puranic Encyclopedia, History of the Dharmashastras etc.,  It also has a sizable collection of State Government and Central Government reports such as Report of the Backward Classes Commission, Report of Administrative Reforms Commission, Pay Commission reports etc. The reports are kept only for reference. However books can be borrowed by the members for a period of 15 days.  

Latest issues of the magazines are kept in the reading room for the reference of the members. However members are allowed to borrow the old issues of the newspapers and magazines. The CD/DVD-ROMs can only be seen under the supervision of the Library staff.

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For Suggesting books send a mail to the e-mail address  s_library@rediffmail.com  by giving  your Name and Library  Membership Number